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Company’s View Point

Orion Knit Textiles Ltd. is a 100 % export oriented composite knit textile unit established with the commitment to cater the Global needs in knit and casual clothing lines, employing the State-of-Art technology. Aiming at the context of the changing Global demand, international environment on trade, the project encompassed the Knitting, Dyeing, Processing of fabrics, Ready-made Garments production, Printing, Embroidery to be available from one stop service. The machines and equipments setup are procured from world-class brand, renowned for their high quality, product integrity and dependable production. The manpower engaged to carry out the day to day business are all highly skilled, purely professional, vastly experienced. The unique combination of organized Managerial and Technical team in one hand and latest, advanced and balanced technology on the other hand made the project one of the top to be referred in this field in the Country. The best use of continuous development of Human Resources by providing them International Standard Environment, Trainings, Orientations and equal opportunity is the keys for achieving comprehensive competence in all the level of the Organizational Hierarchy. It has been established with the objective and vision to cater the needs of 21st century of worldwide knit apparels market from one stop service being committed to On-time Delivery, Short Lead Time, Quality Assurance, Price Affordability and Social Accountability.

Function of the Organization

As a commercial organization, the basic function of Orion Knit textiles ltd. is to earn healthy profit for the Company. However, such basic function is insulated with other collateral functions, e.g. creating working environment compatible to international standard, concentrating high on HRD including lucrative welfare for the employees, carrying out social responsibilities for the employees and, to some extent, for the nation, maintaining high quality reputation management, etc. OKTL being a good Corporate Company gives priority to Environment Management, Social Responsibility and Compliance Issues. These are well acknowledged and have reflection in various reviews, audit and visit reports.
Location & Area of Orion Knit Textiles Ltd.
About 70 kilometers (2 hour drive) from the International Airport of Dhaka, Bangladesh the project is located in Jamirdia, HabirBari, Valuka under the District of Mymensingh in a well developed road Communication.
Surface Area: Five Acres of land area and a total of 183,000 square feet of factory premises.
Floor Area: Garments Factory Area: 70,000 Sq. Ft.
Production Space for Fabrics Dyeing & Finishing: 83,000Sq.Ft. Storage, Utility and others: 30,000 Sq. Ft.